Local Resources



Restaurants that Cater to Healthier Eating

  • Park Street Cafe
  • Vanilla Jills
  • Laughing Planet
  • Morning Glory Cafe
  • Cornbread Cafe
  • Tru Veg
  • Wandering Goat Coffee Co.
  • The Zingaro Food Truck (word is that they can turn anything into a salad if requested)
  • Sweet Life

Grocery Stores

Luckily there are a lot of healthy options at grocery stores here.

  • As always, you can get a lot of good local food at the Saturday Market during the spring-fall months downtown.
  • Natural Grocers:  they have all organic items, and have a lot of paleo friendly snacks as well as a broad range of gluten free or dairy free items.
  • Kiva Grocery
  • Trader Joes- TJ’s has a ton of healthy options including pretty cheap grassfed meat, cauliflower rice (freezer section), mashed sweet potatos (freezer section), coconut milk (canned w/o additives, plantain chips, jerkey etc.)
  • A lot of grocery stores have some great healthy options including Applegate lunch meat, milk alternatives, gluten free, gluten free pizzas! 🙂
    • My favorite gluten free pizza is Against the Grain… they have premade pizza shells and pizzas so you choose your own toppings or just pick a premade. You can find these at Natural Grocers or Market of choice
    • Cappellos– have amazing grain free pastas and cookie dough.  Pricey but so so good! Can be found at Natural Grocers, sometimes they are even on special!


  • Full Circle and Nettles Edge farm are good for dairy. Just search there names with eugene they are right next to each other and you can get Nettles Edges # from Full Circle (no websites). They are both biodynamic and have produce CSAs if you are interested. Full Circle does cows milk and summer veggies and Nettles Edge does goat milk and winter veggies they also make yogurt and farmers cheese all raw if you are interested. Nettles Edge also plants flint corn which is good for hominy or grinding for things like polenta or grits (I saw your other post). They deliver their goods by bike to a pick up location near the core star once a week.


  • Newman’s Fish
  • The Eugene Fish Market : the market has goodies like salmon roe and live crab or spotted prawns with the roe attached.

Where to get great meat!

  • Deck Family Farm– I found this on a thread online but apparently have grass raised and finished beef, lamb, goat, milk and nut raised pork, and pastured chickens and turkeys. They’re just about 30 mins out of town in junction city. They use the butcher 4 Star Meat Company out near them but still in Eugene. They make the “best” bacon.
  • Long’s Meat– great place to buy quality, local, organic meat

Doctors/Massage etc:

  • About Touch Massage: massage, accupunture, & rolfing
  • Sports Massage: Joe Wattles; (541) 914-4584
  • Accupuncture for the People is just that – a community centered healing practice whose goal is to make Chinese Medicine more accessible
    • sliding scale
  • Chiropractor- Dr. Hiro Masuno
  • Dr. Carden– A mix between western medicine & natural medicine
    • membership doctor, so she doesn’t bill insurance, but you pay a membership every month for her services. And there’s a “pay it forward” deal too where she uses the money from memberships to give people discount
  • Nutritionist and Mental Health Therapist & Fellow ECF member: Rachel Cazavilan @ West Coast Wellness
    • (541) 632-4014
    • Facebook: West Coast Wellness/Eugene
    • Instagram: @westcoastwellness_eug
    • Twitter: @wcweugene
  • Dr. Welker at Oregon Optimal Health: looks at health in a functional mannner
  • Jessica Gee: Oly Coach, Life Style Coach at ReFit
    • Coach at ECF, just ask one of the coach’s & they will point you towards her
  • Apparently there is a doctor in Eugene that is Paleo
    • Dr. Martin Hurtado at Inkwell Medical Group.  He even raises his own grass fed cows and goats!