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Crossfit Mainsite– daily worksout, access to affilates across the world

Crossfit Endurance-CrossFit Endurance is an endurance sports training program dedicated to improving performance, fitness and endurance sports potential.

Crossfit Gymnastics-information of Gymnastics, and Body movement to augment your training and/or coaching; daily workouts focusing on gymnatics

Crossfit Football– crossfit foodball is a comprehensive strength and conditioning program designed for participants in contact sports requiring speed, strength and capacity; daily workouts online

RomWod-Daily videos to optimize your range of motion, increase athletic performance, and promote recovery

Crossfit Invictus Blog ( a lot of good info, recipes and athlete stories)

Pure Pharma Blog(they also have great supplements! and my friend writes for their blog!)

Crossfit Games– sign up for the open; watch the leaderboard, check out regionals and the Crossfit Games

Life Big Eat Big-A source for athletes, coaches, and trainers to get researched-based information on all topics relating to fitness, nutrition, recovery, strength and mass gains.

Barbell Shrugged- Barbell Shrugged is all about helping athletes, coaches, and gym owners expand their knowledge and dominate their fitness.

Girls Gone Wod Podcast -Join Joy and Claire every Thursday for the first podcast specifically for women who aren’t afraid to lift heavy, work hard, and be a little ridiculous.

Catalyst Athletics – Catalyst Athletics is the world’s largest source of educational material for Olympic weightlifting.

MobilityWOD– is the ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance.

Breaking Muscle-A group of extremely experienced fitness professionals put together a helpful resource that covers all facets of health and wellness.

The RX View –  great for keeping up to date on all things fitness. Any type of fitness or Crossfit related news will be reported here.

MentalityWod– A great blog for getting in the proper fitness mindset. Fitness is more than lifting heavy weight. MentalityWOD helps you strengthen your mentality.