Carbs aren’t the enemy.

Often I think that carbs can get a lot of negaitve from the American media.



However, carbs can be really good for athletes who are performing at higher levels and need to have energy to lift weights and run.  Lots of endurance athletes rely on carbs to perform, but it is just now coming into the crossfit world.  In the past Paleo ruled the crossfit world.  Now things like “if it fits your macros” aka IIFYM are coming into the crossfit world to support energy and perforamance levels of crossfit athletes.

                              Carbs that think are the best carbs…

As always it is important to figure out what works for YOU! That may take time and some experiementing, and as much as we all wish things would just happen fast and immediatly, that is not the case.

It took me a lot time to figure out that I really need carbs in my diet.  After being a very active college athete that didn’t have to worry about what I ate, to being vegetarian, to eating meat, to Paleo, to not, and now trying to find a balance of happiness and health.  I began tracking my diet as a challenge with friends, and even though I thought I was eating a lot, I was severely under eating.  Adding carbs (rice, quinoa, sweet potatos, fruit, and even cereal) has helped my energy level and performance.

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