Super Bowl Snacks

In the spirit of the Super Bowl this weekend, here is a broad list of different “healthier” snacks to make (for the game or any other get together).


Healthy Chipotle Chicken Sweet Potato Skins

Buffalo Chicken Chopped Salad

Chili Pepper Poppers with Smashed Avocado


Buffalo Ranch Stuffed Peppers


Super Bowl Bites: Pineapple Bacon Poppers

Superbowl Snack: Sweet and Sexy Wings

Chipotle Barbacoa Tacos


Meatball Cups (not strict paleo – gluten free)

No Bake Vegan Brownies with Chocolate Ganache

mental health.

Here are sme good articles that you should look into regarding mental health for daily life


  • laugh often
    • You need to laugh every single day. And I mean really laugh. Laughter relaxes the whole body, triggers the release of endorphins, relieves stress, improves mood, and just makes you feel good
  • train with friends
    • Go to a gym that is a community, somewhere you love going and being. Make this a priority in your life and you will feel amazing on a daily basis.
  • break you electronic OCD loop
    • Have you found yourself checking the same websites over and over, even though you were just on them? Have you noticed that the second your phone makes a noise you have to grab it and see what’s going on?
    • This electronic OCD loop can also lead to fatigue, stress, and anxiety. You’ll find you feel “busy” all day, even though you have nothing to show for it.
  • stop sitting so much
    • Use a desk that converts from sitting to standing.
    • Get up for frequent breaks.
    • Stand during meetings.
    • Walk around the office when you talk on the phone.
  • do mobility daily
    • Grab a foam roller, lacrosse ball, or a piece of PVC pipe you have laying around and spend five minutes a day doing some soft tissue work (check out MobilityWod!)
  • get enough sleep
    • Sleep is critical recovery time and also protects you from illness. While you sleep, your body secretes hormones essential for muscle mass, bone strength, energy, and a strong immune system.
  • walk tall
    • research shows that walking tall improves your confidence, energy, and mood, and can also decrease your sensitivity to pain. Poor posture, on the other hand, can lead to feelings of stress and helplessness
  • take time every day
    • how many of them do you genuinely put into practice on a day-to-day basis? Every one of these points will improve your athletic performance, movement, productivity, and most importantly, your happiness.

The next few links are related to food, depression and working out, in different ways.


The truth is that about 1 in 5 of Americans ages 18 and up suffer from a diagnosable mental illness in a given year. Mental illness isn’t a sexy topic..


This may be due to the topic being a tough one to talk about and also one that is poorly understood.  Mood disorders such as depression and anxiety affect approximately one out of every five people in the United States. Could the overabundance or processed foods be causing this?


our gym isn’t about appearance. We’re about fitness, and if you improve your fitness, you’ll look better. Guaranteed. But perhaps it’s best not to focus on that. Ultimately, appearance is a subjective measure that says nothing about your fitness. Some of the most beautiful people in the world are very unhealthy, and many of them will tell you that being judged on appearance isn’t very fun or good for mental health.


The bond between veterans and CrossFit is an emotional connection that materializes through the physical environment built inside every box across the country. There is a reason that a cookie-cutter gym membership does not work for so many veterans after we step away from the military. The physical side of fitness is not enough to keep us engaged. We need more. We need the brother/sisterhood that we experienced in our military careers. Many of us use that bond as motivation to get physically fit. What we do not recognize is the influence it has over our mental health as well.


Depression will do funny things to you. Even though it seemed like I had everything together in my life, my world constantly felt like it was crumbling around me. I tried to glue it back together with alcohol and unhealthy relationships but it turns out that crappy vodka and shitty friends don’t make things get better. Instead, it makes things much worse.


My body was failing me, I was in pain physically every day, and I saw no way out. Then I was asked that question earlier and it created a shift. The shift was mental and physical.




Carbs aren’t the enemy.

Often I think that carbs can get a lot of negaitve from the American media.



However, carbs can be really good for athletes who are performing at higher levels and need to have energy to lift weights and run.  Lots of endurance athletes rely on carbs to perform, but it is just now coming into the crossfit world.  In the past Paleo ruled the crossfit world.  Now things like “if it fits your macros” aka IIFYM are coming into the crossfit world to support energy and perforamance levels of crossfit athletes.

                              Carbs that think are the best carbs…

As always it is important to figure out what works for YOU! That may take time and some experiementing, and as much as we all wish things would just happen fast and immediatly, that is not the case.

It took me a lot time to figure out that I really need carbs in my diet.  After being a very active college athete that didn’t have to worry about what I ate, to being vegetarian, to eating meat, to Paleo, to not, and now trying to find a balance of happiness and health.  I began tracking my diet as a challenge with friends, and even though I thought I was eating a lot, I was severely under eating.  Adding carbs (rice, quinoa, sweet potatos, fruit, and even cereal) has helped my energy level and performance.

Checkout these articles and see what you think.

Interview: Robb Wolf Talks Paleo, Low-Carb, CrossFit & Caffeine Addiction

White Rice: One of the Best Carbs for Athletes

Becoming Healthier…

As someone who has always been active and involved in sports, and coming from a family that has always been pretty health conscious, healthy food and activities have always been a part of my life.  That being said, it does not mean it has always been easy.  There are always a ton of ups and downs that come with healthy living.

This site is set up to help provide resources that will provide you with recipes and other resources to help you live a healthier life.

I hope to share some of my favorite recipes, as well as articles that I come across while procrastinating other things.  Hopefully we can also spotlight some people from the gym and how they are able to keep themselves healthy.

Check out the tabs at the top of the page.  I have added in local resources, favorite recipe pages and crossfit sites. If anyone has any suggestions, please feel free to share.